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What I'm reading this year: My 2018 Booklist!

Oldie But Goodie:

Mom, ME, & Mom, by Maya Angelou

Please don’t sleep on Maya Angelou. This book is an Autobiography description of her interactions and life with her mother. All women should read this, with and without children. Maya Angelou, mother was strong, but loving, and she invested her heart into her daughter. I appreciate this, it allowed me to grow through the story she painted in these pages. This book touched me in so many ways, and I know it will be help and be a strength to others. Please read…………..

That New New:

Children of Blood and Bone, by Tomi Adeyemi

This is an AMAZING Book. Author Tomi Adeyemi created a Fantasy world, that deals with classism and oppression. Cultivating the readers with tales of magic, the author draws a picture of a world that deal with issues very similar to the ones we live in today. This book takes place in a land that is ruled by a despicable leader, one that own fear, has almost wiped out a tribe of magical people. Indulge in this book, and see how the characters work against oppression, and fight to bring Magic back to their people, it’s deeper than you can even imagine. After you read this I truly want to hear your feedback on what you thought about the underlying topic that the author is addressing.

Winning From Within, by Dr. Bernadine Bell-McGhee

Spiritual Self Help Book, this is also a great summer read. Dr. Bernadine, a Pastor(First Lady) of a Congregation, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker, she dives into what we are dealing with beneath our face values. This book will have you thinking about who you are, and how you turn that into a self win.

Survivor Sisters, by

Amazing Biography book about three beautiful ladies, with God help have survived and overcame Cancer. Each women share their story, dealing with treatment, healing, and overcoming. This book is a blessing and relatable to anyone dealing with any difficult points, showing you that you can survive. A MUST READ.

Additional Books To Indulge In:

The list of books below are still in my que to read, but have came highly recommended. I have added links to each of the books suggested for you to purchase just click the photo. Happy reading and thanks again for visiting H. Styled Studio. Leave a comment or question below, I would love to interact and answer.

How to Hear From God, by Joyce Meyer

The State of Affairs, Rethinking Infidelity, by Esther Perel (I've read this!)

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, by Mark Manson

An American Marriage, by Tayari Jones

Even The Stars Look Lonesome, by Maya Angelou (I've read this!)

Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar,

by Cheryl Strayed (I've read this!)

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