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Get The Look! FATIGUE


Yes, it is true, I love fatigue. The fact that it can be dressed up or down sparked my romance. Items that make a outfit, or easily go with anything, I call, " A Staple Piece". Army Fatigue is a easy staple piece for me. It can be added to almost anything, either relaxing a look, or adding additional spunk. I throw on my fatigue pants to a cute brunch, or to the grocery store with some gym shoes.

Here are some tips when styling army fatigue:

1. KEEP IT SIMPLE! I know your thinking, "she has her nerve lol", but when I dress fatigue I usually don't mix it up with other patterns. Some patterns though would work with fatigue, but if you are a beginner, SOLIDS ARE THE WAY TO GO!

2. Fatigue is a good peekaboo item. Meaning, it does not have to be fully showing. In the bottom picture, I cut a pair of my fatigue pants into shorts, and wore them under a long blazer. It was a added layer, to add contrast and texture.

3. Add a bright color with your fatigue. A bright top or jacket could easily turn this down look into a fun night out.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that these looks can be achieved for less than 60 bucks! I have linked a couple websites to photos, in order for you to "GET THE LOOK". Check out my H. Stylish looks below.

P.S. Don't forget to leave any comments or question below.

Chicago, IL, USA