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Brownstone Brunch


Grab some friends and throw a dope BRUNCH


Good people are truly all you need to start a Summer to remember. Luckily my friends consist of some of these GOOD PEOPLE LOL! Throw them together with food, at noon, and bammmmm a dope brunch has been formed. Hmmmm now what is all needed to make the day Epic?

  1. Well I wouldn’t be H. Styled if I didn’t make a big deal over my outfit. Lol, a dope fit is needed of course, it’s my way of expressing myself. Now you can make it a theme attire brunch, or something more free! It’s up to you.

  2. Venue! Nothing special, this could be a friend house, a park, wherever you decide.

  3. Menu. Please know who can cook, and who can’t cook. Lol! Allow people to bring their best dish, I mean food is a way into the soul, and a good time. Can’t have a brunch without good food!

  4. Cocktails, this can be alcoholic or nonalcoholic. For my group of friends Champagne is top of the list. Mimosa on top of Mimosa.

  5. This last one really makes up the Brunch. Friends! You need people, and fun ones at that. Invite those that are open, different, and fun. You know your friends, and once food and drinks starts to flow, topics start to flow, and we want everyone to speak freely and respectful, with a lot of laughs.

  1. Outfit

  2. I decided to do a short print fit. At first I wanted to go Southern, than I was like hmmmmm I never wore this fit, and I want to give off the new Jennie From the Block Vibez lol. So print set was it. I paired it with some simple shoes, and natural curls. P.S. My hair is H. Styled Signature Curly Hair. I kept it short, and this is how I get the full natural look. My hair is fine, so I add pieces at times to get a more full look. I also added additional glow with Tom Ford, Glow Oil.

  1. Venue

  2. Killa House lol. Big enough for about 20 -30 people, and she has a dope back porch (hints the photo)

  3. Menu

  4. Fried Chicken and Waffles

  5. Watermelon Salad (So Good!)

  6. Fried Green Tomatoes (Were to Die For)

  7. Crab Cakes (Another Hit) Paired with a fancy sauce

  8. Macaroni

  9. Greens with Turkey Meat

  10. Gourmet Donuts( Someone was to lazy to bake lol, but was good as well)

  11. Shrimp and Grits

  1. Cocktails

  2. About 25 Bottles of Champagne, but who was counting (shrugs)

  3. Juice (Grapefruit and Orange Juice)

  4. Guest

  5. Men and Women. Everyone either knew each other, or was invited by someone that knew everyone. So it was a pretty happy atmosphere.

So How did it Turn out? Right?

Let me say this. The brunch did not start on TIME! LOL! Does anything epic ever do? People started to arrive at different times, with their dishes. Timing may be important to you, if so tell people to be there an hour early, and then they should get there right on time. Brunch started at 12:00 pm, the group gourmet cooks arrived at 1:00 isshhh. (Nia and Mikey, would be consider our gourmet cooks, they use all real ingredients and NEVER cook from a box lol). SZA is playing and the first bottle of Champs is being poured up. Everyone that enters are greeted with smiles and hugs. It’s like a big reunion of friends. I’m happy! I love being surrounded with people whom I love. No competition and no judgements. I’m content.

Eating does not go as planned. Food was completed in parts not liked planned, but it worked out anyway. First I ate, waffles, fried chicken, greens, and macaroni. Than I waited until crab cakes and fried greens tomatoes were done, and paired it with the watermelon salad. All the food was soooooo goooodddddddd. Refill my glass and jump into a conversation. I jump in on a topic about Kanye West, and how we miss him before the switch up. It seems that when Kanye is played, especially throw backs, we reminisces on when he loved Chicago and Blacks so much, that we felt it in our spirit. We still love Kanye, but it’s more of the love you have for someone you don’t have contact with anymore (I guess that’s how I feel about it). I do a quick twirl around the room and smile. I have friends that are so different and I feel blessed, because even with all our differences we still come together. Some are missing from my close knit of people I consider friends( I miss you all soooo), but I realize how rare true genuine friendship is. Like we can come together and create dopeness.

Conversation are sparking everywhere and Keshia (Killa) is being the best DJ ever! Bouncing from new to old. The 90’s to early 2000’s would be our style of music, but we still enjoy a lot of good music that is current as well. We all sing and dance to the tunes. We discuss Jay new album and converse on anything that comes to mind. The best thing about a brunch with no rules is that you can pretty much eat all day. What seem like an endless amount of food, became seconds, until nothing was left. Let me say, this was the party that kept giving. It did not end until 9-10 hours later, which I lost count, because if you know me, you would know I was the first to start snoozing on the couch. But not before getting in great pictures and great laughs. What is a memory if it does not consist of LOVE.

Try your own dope day with friends. Ours started at the Brownstone:)


H. Styled


Chicago, IL, USA