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The New Heavy

The Woman beyond the Brand!

I rambled, over thought, and analyzed how I would introduce my blog, my brand, myself into the world. Things I love, my taste in fashion, my favorite things, basically what defined me and help others to connect with me. Two years ago I defined myself as a Heavy, similar to a heavy weight boxer. Google, yes google lol, defines a heavy weight “in boxing typically the heaviest category”, “above average, serious, important, or influential”. I automatically thought, yeah that’s me, but not just me, but plenty other women I know, admire, and connected to. I knew I couldn’t be boxed into the normal category, of what a typical woman should be or even be doing. I wanted to create my own path, just as many other women have done.

The New Heavy Woman She lives in a class of her own. She cannot be defined or placed into a category, because her ambition and work reaches beyond definition. No certain look is her, nor color, no shape, no hair. She is the new working woman, creating her own line of income, working in her career, being a mother, a friend, an ambassador to her community, fashion forward, unique, a leader, an inspiration, sexy, spiritual, and loving. Faith leads her and she believes in something greater than herself. It’s a force within her that pushes her, which whispers so softly, “Yes keep going”. She goes against the grain, and her life struggles only strengthen her. She is a natural born hustler.

I recognized my Heaviness early in life, but like many other women I suppressed or disregarded who I truly was. I didn't want to offend others and overall I wanted to fit in (which I believe Genuine Heaviness, will only bother those whom are threaten or that have their own low self-image). I always dressed different, had these huge ideas in my head, and most of all wanted to always be polished in everything I do. I took to hair and fashion right away. I grew up in a home with a father as a Pastor and my mom was a First Lady. Through them I found my love for style. I loved the poise my mom (my greatest inspiration) and other women I met in the ministry possessed, including my now First Lady Pastor Bernadine Bell McGhee. I became surrounded by women whom all had their own heavy qualities. These women uplifted me to reach into my soul and be myself, living within my truth.

Side Note: Surrounding or encouraging other women to become a heavy, will not bring you down, but increase your sense of self and qualities.

Hair and clothing became a way I could courageously express myself. I wanted to inspire women and make something great; I just didn’t begin to tune my craft until my late 20’s. During this time I reached a low, and felt empty. I had to reach deep down and listen for God to guide me. I stepped out of my fear and realized that I couldn’t be the tea light, but I was a proud chandelier. “Thanks, Danielle Sims!” I prayed many nights over my dreams and ambition. I began to live in my calling and not allow others to define how that looked. I began to live for God and my purpose. It took a shift in my normal unfulfilling life, to make the change toward my happiness. No I'm not where I want to be, but I'm taking strives to walk in my destiny.

This blog will inspire, it will uplift, and most of all it will be Heavy. You will find a little bit of everything from fashion, hair, beauty, and inspiration from the point and view of H. Styled. I pray you tap into your passion, your desire, and birth into


Love, H. Styled

Special thanks to all the women whom inspired, prayed for me, encouraged me, and loved me through my darkest places. Thanks for recognizing my Heaviness.

Chicago, IL, USA