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Heather (H) is a Chicago Native, whom believes in creating a happiness in the form of creative style and fashion. Heather has always been a young fashionista since birth, but her true passion for hair and fashion started at Tennessee State University.  Through this journey, she didn't take on the major of fashion, instead she picked psychology. Receiving her Bachelor and later her Master at Loyola University, she began to learn people and understand how our self image plays a huge role in the way we express our self, interact with others, and help build overall confidence.  H understood that if she could make some one feel better about their outer self, than it could spark something inside a person, to get that job they are seeking, re-brand themselves, or either make a huge BOSS move that can change their life.  She believes that clothing and hair are a way to create and reinvent a person image, as well as a tool of expression. Uplifting others in style and motivational encouragement is the key to Heather’s movement. Welcome to H Styled Studio.

Chicago, IL, USA